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-=-=Wood Properties=-=-
This information is here for you in your Magical and Wand Journey. 
Please do not copy without being authorized to do so. 


Various Locations Worldwide

Masc/Fem- Water

Very balanced, but in a different way compared to Ebony, which is more of a mixture of elements. Acacia has a very fine line between its sides, specifically masculine and feminine traits. Very similar to Teak with its personality traits. Overall, very flowing with its intentions. A resilient energy that can work well with a variety of workings. Structurally, Acacia will vary in hardness due to the varieties under the umbrella of Acacia. Therefore, careful inspection of the blank is necessary to determine what type of design that particular piece can sustain. 

African Blackwood

West, Central and South Africa

Masculine- Spirit

Blackwood's energy, in short, does not live in the realm of the living. Highly associated with the afterlife, communication with the afterlife and endings/changes in cycles. Any work involving summoning or Spirits is recommended. Blackwood also is known to block energies at times. Occasionally, Blackwood will learn what energies its companion would like to block, making it useful in protection. It is one of a few woods that are considered true conduit woods- woods that would allow one to have direct connections to the spiritual realm. As such, Blackwood requires a regular cleansing. On my graph of elemental associations, Blackwood should not even be listed. As it lives in the Spirit Realm, it's energy will latch on to an element, either of its holder or what force its strongest in proximity. Oddly, perhaps its own way of anchoring itself here. Blackwood will work with a smaller amount of people than most. Depending greatly on a practitioners own background and energy. Some will form incredible bonds with the wood. Some will be immediately put off by an uneasy feeling when attempting to use Blackwood. A very popular wood for its dark black exterior, those that are typically drawn to its visual, from my experience, do not work well with African Blackwood.  A truly unique wood that will bond in mysterious ways, it is undoubtedly one of the most powerful and misunderstood in Wandmaking. 

Amboyna Burl 

Southeast Asia

Masculine- Fire, Air

Powerful and energetic. One must be able to control energies well with Amboyna. Due to strength of the wood, designs are normally quite simple and shorter wands are produced. Which works well due to the potent energy signature to begin with.



Feminine- Earth, Spirit, Water

A grounded but bountiful and abundant energy. Some feel a strong spiritual connection with Apple. Apple woods have primarily feminine attributes to them and possess a long standing history in folklore and mythology that associates Apples in general to Goddesses. Apple wood is a fantastic choice for anyone seeking a wood for healing rituals, spiritual or physical. Apple wood will bond with its user and help to form stronger relationships, therefore working well with any bonding magic. A nice wood overall to work with both magically and in the workshop, I hesitate at times using it for longer wands due to its softer characteristic. 


North America, Europe, parts of Asia

Feminine- Air, Spirit

A highly intuitive and protective wood overall. Ash tends to be more outwardly protective, to its holder or those it associates itself with. However Ash has difficulty protecting itself from time to time and will need regular cleansing. Ash will work well with individuals seeking guidance as it does help to clarify paths. Ash is very good for most types of healing work. A very good wood for any use with Fertility rituals or rituals pertaining to renewal. Overall, a very deep and strong energy wood that is suitable to most people. 


North America and Europe

 Feminine- Water, Spirit, Air

Very good for protection and cleansing. Aspen has been known to be quite pure with its energy. As such, it shares some truth seeking behaviours with other woods of purity. Can be a very "moving forward" wood. 


 Feminine- Air, Fire 

Useful for binding work, friendship. A good wood for physical healing rituals. Also a nice choice for beginners who seek a wood with a slightly deeper energy. It has been known to associate itself with older energy and if it chooses so, Beech can be a wise and knowledge finding wood. 


Masculine- Fire, Spirit

 A very purifying and cleansing energy. This wood can match Padauk's ability to carry out these tasks if required and Birch will be happy to do so. Overall a positive wood, Birch will also excel at anything in regards to renewal or new beginnings and was considered (and still is) to be a preferred wood by many in festivals/rituals/sabbats. Very useful for healing rituals, especially of physical ailments. Birch will also carry a very deep spiritual side and help promote connectiveness in one's life, introspection and unblocking of energies. 

Chechen/Black Poisonwood

Masculine- Spirit, Fire

Promotes introspection and knowledge. Allows one to see through much internal stimuli for a clearer path. Highly spiritual.


Tropical South America

 Masculine/Feminine- All physical elements 

Aligned with the physical elements (Earth Air Water Fire) and is known to amplify its holders elemental traits (Zodiac, etc). Well balanced in masculine and feminine traits. Useful for a wide variety of work. 

black limba.jpg
Black Limba

Western regions of Africa

 Masculine- Earth, Fire, Spirit

Few woods are able to journey back and forth in magic from positive light energy to a more darker nature. Normally positive if wanted, it can defend against negative, dark energy if needed to. However, powerful in its own right. It can also help its holder to become finely in tune with their darker side. Known for powerful Hex work. Highly intuitive. Good for scrying. 


Mexico, into central and south America

Masculine- Fire, Spirit--

Fiery, passionate and highly spiritual. Bocote can help to substitute African Blackwood with most of Blackwoods traits, including its energy living solely in the Spiritual Realm. It also provides its holder a high sense of clarity at times that helps with decisions, visions and and energy work. Its a very focused wood that has almost limitless potential to take energy and finely focus it into a forward motion. Therefore, Bocote can be a powerful ally when motivation and a passionate path is needed. Bocote is both a defensive and offensive wood and will move naturally against something that negatively effects its true owner. Very loyal. With African Blackwood becoming more scarce, Bocote is one of the woods that can easily step into Blackwoods shoes. One of the original upper tier woods, Bocote's overall energy signature is extremely high. Not a wood for beginners although its beauty will undoubtedly lure one in.



Feminine- Earth, Fire

Highly intuitive. Very positive and very useful during full moons. Its intuitive and instinctive nature can be well trusted as majority of its energy is clear and not hidden and reveals itself to its true owner well. 


Masculine/Feminine Earth, Fire

 Brings good fortune, truths. Works well for a wide variety of energy work. 


Cedar -Aromatic- Feminine- Earth, Spirit-- (pictured)- Excellent for divination.              

           -Alaskan Yellow Cedar- Feminine- Fire, Earth--Excellent for purification.            

           -Spanish Cedar- Masculine- Fire, Earth--Very similar to mahogany. 

Working and reworking my only piece of C

Central America

Masculine- Fire

Energetic, good for defensive work, fiery... but interestingly works very well with lunar work too. Has a tendency to have energy spikes during full moons. Very protective, sometimes fiercely so. A loyal wood. 

California Redwood

Western North America

Masculine/Feminine- Spirit, Fire

Well known for physical healing energies. It also lends endurance traits to its holder, providing well balanced, grounded energy. Cannot tolerate longer, thinner designs. 


Masc/Fem- Spirit, Air

A strong willed wood that possesses an extroverted and confident energy. Canarywood has also been known to provide it's holder a more positive energy, which can help those who might struggle in these areas, uplifting mood, etc.  Canarywood has one of the stronger and deeper spiritual energy of most woods. Along with Iroko, Canarywood been know to exhibit similar properties to that of African Blackwood in terms of scrying ability, and corss realm communication. Although its more famous attribute is for its ability to enhance creativity, inspiration and artistry. Canarywood has been held in high regard therefore amongst witches who are naturally gifted in the fine arts.


Masc/Fem- Earth

Well balanced. Promoting clarity and decision making. Its energy can also be very present and abundant. Cherry enjoys being in the here and now. One of a handful of woods that I personally recommend for beginners and experienced users alike. Older Cherry woods will function very much like Oak, however possess an almost playful like energy. 


Feminine- Earth, Water, Spirit

Helps to eradicate unwanted energies from your surroundings, like home, etc. Chestnut also does well with physical healing, but more cleansing


Feminine-Water, Spirit

Generally a soothing energy. Calming and positive. 


Masculine- Fire, Spirit

Ebiara has been sold under a number of different names, which include Red Zebrawood. Please see below for more on Zebrawood as Ebiara is closely related in qualities. In contrast, Ebiara has a more masculine energy, as well as a more fiery nature. Ebiara is well suited for protection work of most kinds. It's energy runs deep and as typical Zebrawood has a side to it which would be inviting to beginners, Ebiara tends to lean more to experienced users. Good for work involving cycles, Ebiara will be more balanced if involving Lunar and Solar work... as opposed to Zebrawoods focus on Lunar energy. It will also have a more focused feel about it once a relationship is formed. 

Ebony (all types)

Masc/Fem- all five elements

 Ebony is a fine choice for anyone for a variety of reasons- mainly due to the fact that it is only one of a handful of woods in the world that are finely balanced between what people would consider Feminine / Masculine traits. As well, it is uniquely balanced between all five elements, calling to any of them with ease and also forming a bond with its holder regardless of energy they present. Due to this, it has been historically considered one of the most prized and finest woods for Wand making, even though it might not be the absolute strongest energies on the list. It also does not matter the species of Ebony as they all would exhibit this signature. In addition, I know of many who might not prefer Ebony because of the balanced nature of it as one might want a pull in a certain direction. Well suited for a variety of different workings. 


Masc/Fem- Fire, Earth

 Like Black Limba, Elm has a positive protective side or a darker, destructive side. It is also highly associated with cycles, beginnings and endings. 

box elder.jpg

Masculine- Water, Earth

A curious wood at times, Elder can both protect from negative energies or make its holder find themselves having a conversation with those negative energies. Mainly though, the repelling of negative wins the day. Elder also promotes intelligence and understanding current situation. Works well with Raven cores

wgoncaloalves (1).jpg
Goncalo Alves

Parts of Mexico and Brazil

Masculine- Air, Spirit, Fire

 Goncalo Alves, also known as Tigerwood, is a hard wood from the Mexico region moving into South America. A hardier, dense wood, it excels at Wandsmithing due to its strength. Goncalo is well used for divination purposes, and has a free flowing, positive energy.  It does carry some protective qualities as well as purifying, however overall, Goncalo Alves is not a harsh wood to use. It's secondary name used from time to time, Tigerwood, occasionally hints at some of its nature.... being a wood that is not overly extroverted or rushed. Goncalo will be happy being patient and focused however once sprung into action, its energy is surprisingly unrestrained quality about it. Ideal for Master Class wands, unexpectedly useful in an Apprentice Class role... 

_Elements_. Hand carved Hickory.jpg

North America

 Maculine- Fire, Earth, Spirit

Very similar to Oak, however, more fiery and confident. Hickory will have more of an outgoing or extroverted energy which will provide more of a confident flow outwards to those who might feel they are more introverted.


More common from North America. Some varieties and species from Europe, Africa and Asia

Masculine/Feminine- Earth

A great wood for animal work, connections with animals. Also, protection and healing. A very pure wood as well, it works well for cleansing work.


Central and South America

Masculine- Earth, Air (secondary), Water (secondary

A wood that goes by a variety of names, Macacauba, Orange Agate, amongst others. Hormigo is not a wood that frequents the workshop, however prized when it does appear. Primarily a grounding wood, it does let go at times and becomes very much not grounded... becoming a care-free energy. A wood that will promote healing of most types and generally a soothing quality. It is known in some smithing circles as a cross-quarter wood, in that it is first a foremost an Earth element association but has the rare secondary with Air... something that is not normally seen. Most often pieces are used for other purposes in the workshop due to sizes received. 

A new version of #Nagini out of Ipe wood

central and south America

Masculine- Earth, Water

A wood of renewal. Useful for any ritual work involving personal growth or moving forward


tropical Africa

Air- Balanced Masc/Fem 

A tree that has numerous folk tales that are both ancient and new. Iroko originates from tropical African regions and occasionally goes by the name African Teak. It is a harder and durable wood that can live into the area of 500 years old. 
A common theme in many of the tales of this wood is just how supernatural its energy can be. Some contacts have placed it easily into the realm of African Blackwood, which is definitely saying something. Iroko is mainly associated with the element of Air but has a very strong secondary association with Water. 
The wood has a very strong, fierce, protective nature about it. It shares many of the attributes that African Blackwood carries (such as its strong connection to spirit realm energy and communication) BUT its energy is very deeply rooted in the realm of here and now, which is one of its oddest features because once you form a bond with this wood, the feeling of Iroko is timeless, time-shifting and ancient


Central into South America. Can be found in the West Indies as well.

 Masculine- Air/Water

A hard wood in overall strength, Jatoba enjoys many different shapes.  It has a surprisingly high energy level as well, occasionally flying under the radar due to it not being a very sought after wood. Good Wandsmiths know well its overall value. Not a grounded wood. Jatoba can be relatively unrestrained when needed or desired.  Good for many types of healing. It's main asset is that it has not only a purifying quality, but will excel at defensive work. Jatoba will be able to block, deflect and absorb negative or darker energies around it. Frequent cleansing is recommended. 

Katalox (Mexican Royal Ebony)

Southern Mexico, Central America, and northern South America

 Feminine/Masculine balanced- Spirit, Earth, Water, Fire

Katalox, occasionally known as Mexican Royal Ebony is truly one of the finest woods available for Wandsmithing. Not a true Ebony, it can be popular with woodworkers who are looking for a darker wood. Katalox has a very deep, core like energy that places it on the upper tier of woods. It absolutely shines in its overall ability to pair with all elements, with the exception of Air like qualities. Katalox is best suited for a wide variety work- divination, occlumency, legilimency, cleansing, protection, absorbing qualities around it like Yellowheart, various types of healing and grounding. Most importantly, it has the ability to channel the widest spectrums of the above mentioned elemental associations as well as being one of a handful of woods able to dive into specialty qualities that only African Blackwood excels in such as cross realm work.  Katalox will create incredibly strong bonds with its true owner. Not a wood for novice or inexperienced users, Katalox will shine amongst others in a collection of wands. Besides Blackwood, Katalox is the only other wood that I will personally use. 


Mexico through Brazil

Masculine/Feminine- Spirit-

A highly protective wood, Kingwood excels in blocking energies with a very potent energy. It is also highly Spiritual and intuitive. Like Padauk, it best suites an experienced user and like Amboyna Burl, a smaller Wand will do nicely. 


genuine- south america. often confused with other species such as Leopard wood and species from Australia

 Masc/Fem- Water--

A nicely flowing energy. Lacewood is full of positive and luck. Lacewood is a moving wood with doesn't typically like to sit still. A wood that is very superstitious on its own, Lacewood works well with a "what if" personality. Enhances communication and will form a strong bond with its holder over time and experience.  

Lignum Vitae

central and regions of south America

Masculine- Earth, Water

 A very, natural magical wood. Incredibly strong. Very positive. Works very well with Solar cycles and energies although it is more associated with the Earth element



Masc/Fem- Fire, Spirit

A fine wood to work with. However, read the description above for Black Limba. Makore has the same properties and is known as the next level up in comparison to energies. More potent than Black Limba, Makore will immediately leave an impression on its holder- either they will be able to work with the wood, learning from what it can reveal, or be completely repelled by its unique signature. 


various locations worldwide

 Feminine/Masculine balanced- Spirit

Surprisingly spiritual in nature, there are many types of Maple and all share similar qualities. Its energy can at times be erratic but never strays too far from centre, still making it useful for beginners.  Highly protective, Maple will also help to promote understanding, making it a fantastic wood for any journey in which finding yourself is the desired outcome. Maple will help disperse negative energies and help to centre oneself after traumatizing events. As mentioned though, Maple can be erratic at times, like a compass being pulled in different directions. This is not to be feared however as Maple is normally trying to show you another path. A confident wood in its own way, Maple is not the most extroverted wood and does not display a "peacock attitude". 


Northeastern, East South America

Masculine- Earth, Spirit, Water

A very well-grounded wood and renowned for its healing properties. A goal-oriented wood as well when using it with a direction in mind.   

_Prometheus_. Hand carved. Mahogany. Foc

various locations worldwide

Masculine- Earth, Fire

Well suited for majority of work, Mahogany does excel above most for fertility and new beginning rituals. Although Santos Mahogany is better at it, all types of Mahogany are useful for fertility rituals and energy work. Also beneficial in creating stronger bonds.  Mahogany, like Hickory, will carry many of the same attributes as Oak. Mahogany will possess a greater sense of Fire and drive forward in general- one reason why new beginnings and growth is a key component of Mahogany. However, combined with what a classic Oak profile contains, Mahogany can become a powerful ally when life feels like its at a fulcrum. It will also contain a very fine energy, deep, not as wide as some other woods. Mahogany will always meet you where you are at, and help drive you further ahead. 


Oregon into California

 Masc/Fem- Earth, Spirit, Fire

 A very balanced wood. It allows its holder to step back and it promotes deeper thought and analysis of a situation that may actually appear very unclear. It will work well for a wide variety of uses.

Nogal/Peruvian Walnut

Mexico into South America

 Masc/Fem- Water/ Earth/ Spirit