Shedua... a natural in the Realm

May 22, 2019


Shedua is a common and beloved wood in the line up. Almost always worthy of Realm Class, Shedua would be considered a speciality wood when compared to others. Native to tropical west Africa, Shedua (often known as Black Hyedua or Ovangkol) produces a hard, dense and durable wand that can handle any design. Colours can vary to a degree, but often a red/brown with light streaks. 

Shedua has a balance of Feminine and Masculine traits. Intuitive, flowing, protective and stabilizing, extroverted as well as introverted. Aligned mostly with the element of Earth, it does have a strong Water association as a secondary which further adds to a sense of Shedua being a “jack of all trades”. That is where Shedua’s relationship with other Wand woods ends. 


Shedua is famous for its Occulumency and Legilimency work ( Legilimency is the art of exploring thoughts and the minds of others, although self exploration can also be a form. Occlumency would be the shielding effect when one can block negative intrusions or energies.) Shedua is a popular choice amongst health care workers, those that deal with individuals with traumatic energies, “energy vampires”, darkened environments, etc.


Can also be a good choice for scrying or charm work, making Shedua a nice go to for pendulums. Due to its nature, Shedua is a wood that frequent cleansing is recommended. 

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