• McCormick Wands

-=wonderful weekend=-

Day 1 being back at Fantasy In The Forest Art Show is a wrap! It has been such a long road back. An amazing day, at an always amazing event. So happy to see everyone, new and old customers! As well as finally being able to meet some longtime online customers in person!! As usual, a few customers stood out :) .. including a fantastic customer who chose to drive 3hours to the event today, shop and also hand delivered a charcoal sketch of Hawkeye. Needless to say, Mrs, McCormick Wands and myself were deeply touched. Thank you V again! Day two is Sunday and hopefully the rain will stay away. But if you do decide to visit, remember that cash at this event is always best as due to lack of cell reception for credit and debit, makes those methods challenging at times. Although….. we normally know where to stand in the Forest to get a signal… ;)

Couldn’t have asked for a better day!

Day two Sunday begins soon!


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