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You may notice more Wenge online this year. I have decided to keep Wenge as one of the key woods in the inventory for a variety of reasons- 1-dark woods are progressively becoming more protected and harder to receive in. 2- Wenge has long been considered one of the balanced woods in regards to elemental association between Fire and Air (Walnut being its cross elemental equal of Earth and Water). 3- it’s energy is some of the deepest and encompassing of any wood. 4- it has been a favourite in my workshop for such a long time and have always had a special connection to it.

The profile snippet from the website—

Central African regions

Masculine- Fire, Air

Wenge has long been a sought after wood in wandsmithing due to its amazing qualities. A unique combination of Fire and Air elemental associations, it can excel at providing a free, non-grounded power as well as a fiery focused energy. A specialized attribute given the above, Wenge also excels at mood stabilization- Which catches most people off-guard at first if not aware of it's full character. Calming one’s mind, Wenge can produce a very high quality experience with its deep energetic signature, that has been described by some as "soul touching". It promotes balanced thought when one might feel overwhelmed. Or in turn, produce a fierce drive forward if desire or focus is the key. Works well for any meditation work for centering. Wenge is one of a few woods that will not only create a large energy field around it for most types of work, but can simultaneously or solely "turn off everything" and center its holder. Good for dispersing dark energies as well. Wenge is one that will create a very strong bond with its user and will be an incredibly loyal companion... so much so that it's energy ripples can remain with whom it desires when separated.



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