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Two Wands? At the same time? Inspired by Ashoka..

Thank you for joining me here once again! It has been some time since I used the blog feature. I receive many emails and messages pertaining to Wandsmithing, lore, energies etc. during my week. I’ve compiled a few to start this blog back up!

Today, we briefly explore this question- “ Hi! I have been watching and been a fan of Ashoka (Star Wars) since the character was released. I use Oak for my main wand but I feel that sometimes I prefer using two at the same time, depending on what the task or ritual is. Is this ok to do?”

Great question and I’ve held onto this until the beginning of the new Ashoka series for timing, especially with Comiccon coming up this weekend ;) . The answer- Yes!! Using two wands- whether they might be of different woods or the same but with slightly different energies- is definitely something that you can do and creates something special in one’s work.

The vast majority of customers, questioners or lurkers will only ever use one wand at a time in their practice or path. This is completely fine! However there are times in which one might feel comfortable with two and for normally three reasons.

Simple First reason: It’s a personal comfort choice. You simply like the way that two wands feel and it provides a sense of calm and grounding, which is very important most times during workings. Be it a physical touch aspect like a fidget spinner that might keep your mind from wandering or something else that YOU feel is beneficial along the same lines that is going to help you focus and move forward. There is no wrong answer for this point.

Secondly: It’s all about balance. SOOOOOOOOOOO many times.. (can I add more O’s??) at events I hear the same old “it’s the wand that chooses the wizard”. Well…. No. It isn’t. Not always. However if I had a dollar for every time I heard this and meet people who believe that this is the only right way… …

Of course there are times in which you feel that a wand is pulling itself to you. That’s undeniable. The same can be said in reverse- that you yourself are completely drawn to a wood that might not match your energy, personality, typical work that you might do, your style, etc etc. Balance. This may just mean that there is something out there, a wisp on your shoulder perhaps, that is telling you that opposites attract and also complete. Many people choose a wand on purpose that is opposite from what they think they need. And these people are usually very happy with the results. An introverted person might enjoy a more extroverted wood, like Padauk. While alternatively an extrovert would find calm and grounding in an Oak.

BUT. The third balance option is where dual wands being used at the same time comes in. And this typically pertains to those who might feel like an omnivert (feeling greatly in touch with an introverted and extroverted side) or if one might feel more neutral.

If someone feels that they have an energy or personality such as this, then using a woods that have an energy on either side of the spectrum can be quite beneficial. Some people simply either don’t feel in tune with energies around them or need a little more magical ummph in their casting because maybe they feel that there is something lacking. The reasons can go on. But having two wands that pull outwardly and another inwardly at the same time can help that individual feel that they are moving in the right or intended direction and can also create more of an environment in which confidence can grow.

Third reason: Because its all about being special(ty). There are certain workings that benefit dual wands, with a similar flavour of what was mentioned above. However its more related to the task itself. Here is a common example in a field of many.

Paranormal investigating! OH yes my Witches. It’s Ghostbuster time! But before I digress.. Many investigators that I have contact with that use wands in their practise will often carry two wands during explorations of environments that they are in. Most often, there is a wand for communication (ie- Shedua, Iroko, African Blackwood) and the other is for defense ( ie- Blackwood is common, Ash, Aspen, Goncalo). This combination of purposes can vary and can be unique to the individual or situation. In addition to communication and defense, some might like to have something more purifying, cleansing, absorbing or offensive.. the list can go on, but you get the picture. The methods of use during circumstances such as paranormal investigating can also greatly vary (perhaps another blog topic?).

So in short, I find that these are the main three reasons and arguments for using dual wands at the same time. Besides being stylish and maybe mimicking graceful movements, there are some real functions that so many people don’t quite realize. I challenge you to take a look at your own style or work with what was just mentioned.

Does the option of another wand in the mix appeal to you? Is this something that you have thought of in the past? How are you enjoying Ashoka ;) ? And more importantly…. Who’s coming to visit this weekend at Ottawa Comiccon?



Master Wandsmith of

McCormick Wands


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