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to share, or not to share..

Today’s QBT (quick blog topic) surrounds sharing or using another persons wand. While I have been quick to point out inaccuracies with actual wand lore in the Potter movies and books, there are some accurate bits of information that can be used as a reference for this posting.

This topic is much more suited to those who are actually using their wands in routine spiritual/religious/energy practise or are sensitive to energies. Often enough, I see people who are new to exploring their own workings and rituals. Sometimes these folks will

“borrow” a wand from someone who is a more experienced user and has offered their wares as a trial run. While this is a great way to help someone who needs guidance, it will often bring about negative results for the new practitioner. As well, most of the new practitioners aren’t entirely certain what they are looking for with their work yet… which is an ongoing journey regardless.

The typical disclaimer--- there are always exceptions to this rule. The vast majority of woods, regardless of their core energy, will form bonds with their user. The bond can be quite evident from the get go or take significant time to form. Regardless of this time frame, there will be a “loyalty” to the one the wand bonds to. As a visual example of this, I will say that you can use the Potter films as an example…… that some wands remain loyal to their original owner and if used by someone else, they might not work exactly as wanted or intended.

When the Wand is used over time, there will be a pronounced imprinting of energy from the owner on the wand. This can widely range depending on the individual, their practices, self energy, etc. The imprinted energy tends to be more of a reflection of the owner mixed with the Wands own personality and its own energy, which can vary and be effected by the joint experience of the holder and Wand themselves. An accurate description of a Wands existence is that it truly can be a semi or quasi sentient being. It will think, feel, communicate and interpret on its own and in its own way, but not how humans would conduct these activities. I have seen Wands from the same plank of wood “meet up again” down the road like two puppies from the same litter seeing each other again. They are their own entities but they know that there is a shared connection and will interact more like siblings. Alternatively, in a scenario in which someone is moving against another who has a “sibling wand”, the wands may feel as thought they’ve shut down or become inert, sensing that they do not wish to cause harm or negativity towards one another.

Energy imprinting tends to be the most complex issue because it is highly individualize as mentioned above. Its like sitting in another person’s lazy boy chair after they just got up out of it…. The chair is doing its job but it takes time to feel comfortable... you can feel the heat signature from the other person or the grooves left… or you don’t feel comfortable at all and need to go elsewhere. Same situation with a wand. The spells casted or work completed with it will linger and in some woods situations, will remain imbedded in the very fabric of the wands being good or bad….. like the red wine stain I left in that spoken of lazy boy.. but I digress. The point is, is that the Wand will always remember and carry a record of what it has done in its lifetime, gaining its own experience and knowledge along the way and maturing over time.

Highly protective woods, when picked up by another person, can feel lifeless and completely disconnected from the person that isn’t already bonded to that specific wand. Highly grounded woods can feel chaotic and energetic to someone unfamiliar, while energetic and fiery woods might feel even more energetic or buzzing with an unwanted energy to ward someone off. Woods that are more associated with Air qualities are often the better woods to share as they do end up being more free flowing in their nature, not grounded or held down. Woods more associated with Water can feel stagnant or muddled and feel quite confusing with their intention. While woods that are highly spiritual may emit a strong blocking energy, pushing someone away, even at a distance or in some cases (like Blackwood) do this while providing unwanted and frankly disturbing energy to further drive away and protect itself.

So in short, sharing or using someone else’s Wand might work, it will never truly form a relationship with you, especially if there is an already existent bond with someone else. You must remember that you must treat a Wand as something that lives, grows and remembers. Therefore when using anyone else’s, there must be a near agreement before hand and a clear indication of what the intention of use is wanting to be. If there is no resistance or hesitation, then generally you can move forward. If there is any doubt, step away and maybe rethink what needs to be done.

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