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The old chart!

Happy Saturday night Witches!

Years worth of data in one picture, despite being an old version of the Chart ( I have added Nogal in for the purpose of the following). I have had a few questions recently online regarding the relationship between Walnut and Wenge.... and subsequently Nogal, and how they may interact with their holder or in comparison to each other. Please refer to the In the Woods page on the website for more specifics as always, but you can see what I mean about their overall energies being aligned with each other in terms of balance, being able to be a grounded ( yes... Fire can be quite a grounded energy), and also free flowing. And, they are both very deep on the Spirit side to add to their complexities . Omnivert energies with the Classic elements in mind for a reference. Nogal will share the qualities that both Walnut and Wenge possess, however is much more free flowing and naturally unrestrained with its personality.


Hope that helps a little.


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