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-=Small Batch AP23-21=-

Welcome to your Friday small batch! This has been a long week. I may just post another batch this weekend.... stay tuned. Keep in mind that all pricing online has been modified for the year... one big witching hour sale. Tonight we have Walnut, with a simple cubic zirconia inlay (14”). The Walnut is from a fantastic old slab stock. Iroko (14”) with its sister dressed in Oak on the far right (13 3/8”). Both have a brass end cap in the pommel. I’m really liking the feel of the Iroko and Oak.... almost a variation of the Rapier line, but with a nice slender comfort when they are being held. Finally, we have a Goncalo Alves (14 5/8”) which is actually one of the small group of 2020 stock still left.

Q+A section tonight is actually a fun one and from a question received by a good customer. “What music is on your playlist right now in the workshop?” 😆 Love it! Well, the answer could be a whole other blog devoted to that subject. So I’ll answer with this- I had my Walk Off The Earth playlist for the three (besides the Goncalo) this week in the workshop. So the main song was Anthem ( new single ) while wood chips were flying. ❤️🔥 hmm... I like that question. Maybe a feature song of the week ..

take care!

B. McCormick

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