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-=Small Batch AP15-21=-

Good Evening Witches!

You've just about made it to the end of another week! I hope that situations are better where ever you might be. Here in Canada, we are unfortunately experiencing a bad third wave which is only growing. Workshop time has been welcomed distraction as always. Stay Safe and Healthy! This batch will go online tonight as they really can’t seem to wait until tomorrow.

This Weeks starting line up:

It was a busy week in the workshop. I have been able to slice up some remaining Iroko and Oak as well. I’m currently working with two different black walnut slabs- an older stock and younger slab that although still retains much of walnuts balance, feels much livelier and energetic. Both have that signature deep and radiating energy but with the mentioned overtones, have a nicely distinct feeling from one another. The Oak that I am milling up all have a very nice feel to them and I’m excited to have so much on the stock shelves again.. arguably one of the most used but also underestimated traditional woods for Wandsmithing.

With the recent rise again with another wave, it has cast serious doubt of any events happening once again this year. I will continue to tweak the way the workshop works for 2021. First change for this week- the Odyssey Class, that had a specific role at the beginning of ‘21, has now concluded its run. I will have another Class coming up shortly for a quick stay. Slainte,


Master Wandsmith of

McCormick Wands


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