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New Line!

Good Friday evening Witches,

I grew up not only loving aviation in documentaries and family stories, but at air shows and hanger visits. Among the many aircraft that were loved, Spitfires were and still are my favourite. I have been known to play at high volume, videos on YouTube etc with only the Merlin or Griffon engines as the soundtrack and have the Witchlets try and guess which MK is flying by.

Therefore, I’m pleased to introduce the Spitfire Line. Graceful lines with a little something extra in its touch. And......a second sub line, appropriately named the Merlin Line that will feature the same elegant design but with the smooth wand shaft variation. Some will be online in the next few minutes.

As well, I have decreased the Flat Rate shipping for the US! Setting up March well... the traditional start of the year in the workshop.


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