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June 19/20 small batch

Good evening Witches!

Summer Solstice, Litha, Father’s Day ... nice weather.. what a great weekend to get outside if you can. Here are a few of the next small batch heading to the website at 7pm et. I’m excited to have Padauk and Leopardwood back in stock. I mistakingly posted the other day that I had received Lacewood. There are little differences in the woods themselves, but for properties, consult the Lacewood section on the website, they share the energy characteristics. One topic to point out is that both Leopardwood and Lacewood don’t enjoy complex designs, given their grain. Their amazing positive and lucky qualities though make up for it. And well Padauk... One of my top three woods of all time to use professionally and personally (extra credit for those naming the other two in the comments). It’s fiery and incredibly energetic nature is like handling a super car when used to a skateboard. As stated, not a beginner wood, however it’s not that uncommon to find less experience wand users to be drawn to it, and vice versa. In other news, I have begun to redesign the Aurora Line. You will find two samples of a possible redesign on the market page, as I have included some variations of the Maelstrom Line until I finalize what I would like to see.

Have a great weekend and celebrations,


Master Wandsmith of

McCormick Wands


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