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January '21 Newsletter

Dear Witches,

First I would like to wish all of you a Happy New Year! The last 12 months have been extremely challenging on many levels. I am confident that we will make it through and that hopefully a greater sense of humanity arises from this chaos.

I've already mentioned on social media that I will have some changes in the workshop with styles and flow of the year. I am anticipating unfortunately that the

event season will be quite different IF any events are to proceed this year. I have had many questions about upcoming events that were rescheduled from last year and it's really too early to tell. So Therefore as per the original plan, I will continue to keep the Website running as "the main event", like in 2020, with greater numbers online. To keep this schedule at this time, I will not be taking custom orders until further notice.

Classes of Wands

My main goal in this year's reorganization was to revisit, recreate, rejuvenate and re-establish the tradition that has been present for such a long time. The Classes of wands in the past easily dictated what to expect from such an important and deeply personal tool and companion. I am happy to bring back the Apprentice Class, which fills once more a very large hole in the inventory. A Class for one to begin their journey or for one that might feel more connected with a design that is much more basic and elemental. In events past, the Apprentice Class provided a Wand that would be both cheaper, but more importantly, paired with a wood that most people would find easier to work with if new to any Craft or path. After asking nicely, Oak has agreed to be the main flagship wood of this Class's return. There will be others added, however Oak in my opinion is the best all around wood for one to grow with, gentle and forgiving to use for anyone finding their footing with their path. However also providing a wood that will grow in such a way as to produce an exceptionally deep energy that a much more experienced user can wield.

The next and newest Class fills the middle ground that tends to be created and not focused on in many regards. A sense of growth and a place where those roots of ones journey can take hold. Therefore, the Odyssey Class has taken form. Slightly "fancier" if you will, the designs will be paired with woods that will be more "off centre" and will allow the holder to explore other realms of work as they grow. I am certain that this class will become the new work horse of the shop and it will be priced relatively similar to the Apprentice Class and incorporate a much wider selection of woods. More will be said about the Odyssey Class as time goes on.

The next and final Class finally has it's place at the top as it should. By far, the oldest Class by decades... The Master Class. It will incorporate any and all woods along with any styling, with undoubtedly Blackwood and other elite woods having a slightly different designation in the Master Class. Whatever the end result, the Master Class will now be ascend to the top of the inventory.

Something to be said quickly about wood selection this year, as some keen eyes have noted a shift the last month or so. I have been choosing more woods with a balanced nature, despite still having striking energies such as Padauk still lurking around. I have been moving away from certain exotics over the years due to deforestation, etc. and focusing more of what we would deem domestics. I have also been using more reclaimed stock that always seem to have interesting stories which add to the wands character. I will still have a wide variety at times, however I would like to streamline this aspect at this current time of many challenges.

I would like to thank you for your ongoing support. I am very fortunate to have so many contacts and to have my products all around the world. Very excited to see what happens this year and to continue with my tradition.

Slainte Mhaith,

B. McCormick

Master Wandsmith of McCormick Wands


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