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-=Friday Small Batch AP9-21=-

Hello Witches! You've made it to Friday. Congratulations and welcome!

I have decided to re-launch the Friday small batches, starting this evening. Let your friends know that this is where you'll be able to find the information, although social media will still be used throughout the week, as well as announcing the batches. Some weeks may have a couple of wands, others may have several. If any additional info can be provided about the wand, it will be shared here! As well, i'll try to incorporate any Q+A or other news.

The first Wand in tonight's batch-

Walnut, 14", Master Class.

Number 12902-21.

Milled from an older stock of Black Walnut and shaped with the old Rapier design line in mind.

The second Wand for this small batch.

Macassar Ebony, 10 5/8", Master XR Class. With the registration number of 12900-21. This piece provided some ideas of a limited Class i might introduce sometime soon- Dueler Class- simply because this piece of Ebony has an edged feel to it and not as long in length as the standard. The handle and shaft are really integrated into one. The energy feels more lively as well, compared to past pieces of Ebony, which makes this one truly unique.

Wenge, 13 5/8", Master Class,

Number 12901-21.

Walnut, 13 5/8", Master Class,

Number 12899-21.

Wenge and Walnut have been staples in the workshop this year and i have no plans to change that. They are two of my most preferred woods in regards to energy signature and provide a fantastic base for a classic, fine design.

As on a recent social media post, we spoke quickly about cleansing your wand. This is a very frequent topic that does come up in conversation. Walnut will benefit from the talked about method of being placed outside, preferably in sunlight. You might find that over time, the wood will become dried. A simple treatment of beeswax cream/polish found at most hardware stores will help protect and restore any dullness. Wenge will typically benefit more from a deeper cleansing of being outside, but also a more one on one approach of meditating/connecting with the wand itself. Wenge will tend to have a deeper energy at times in comparison to Walnut and produce a much wider field around it.

For future batch posts, please feel free to send along any questions that i can help answer! I have already received a few more that i will dedicate to these posts.

Have a Great Weekend!


Master Wandsmith of

McCormick Wands


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