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First grouping this evening

Hi everyone, the first grouping of Wands will be online this evening. Mainly Nogal wood, as many of the Master Series wands will be added on. I considered a few other wands, however I was surprised recently at the number of messages to me about “woods for beginners, that might not feel as such...”. I feel that there are a few woods that could fit this category, but of stock and feel right now... Nogal fits this role beautifully.

A few things to remember:

  1. it’s flat rate shipping... so if you decide on one or’s the same shipping. And, if any of the weekend sales really heat up, I’ll add bonus wands as we go.

  2. Given everything happening in the world right now, please expect some delay in shipping.

  3. All people who purchase on the website between now and the end of May will be automatically entered into a giveaway for June.

  4. I‘m still clearing out older stock in the office, so newer creations are on the back burner...

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