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Am I finally caught up ?

Good evening Witches,

I have added a few more Wands over to the market page. In fact, some of the last stored stock from the ....2019 event season! This last year has been a large mixture of old and new, with operation covid-clear out it seems. The workshop will finally be more on the newer side of the equation for 2021.. However... it goes to show the power of an event like Fantasy In the Forest, or one of the Comiccon’s to move stock out. As well, how many wands I typically place aside for events throughout the year. Luckily.... I did not create much of a stock for 2020 with no where to go ;) Hopefully events can come back soon enough. Though I fear shows are still a long ways off. Miss seeing everyone. Until then, newer wands will flow more online as that is where the action is. Thank you for your ongoing support.

B. McCormick

Master Wandsmith of

McCormick Wands



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