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Weekend Sale and News (March 20-22)

Tonight! Friday March 20 to Sunday March 22, I will be placing some older Wands online to clear out. I was hoping to have a larger sale at the events in March, but online will work as well! Most stock will be at 30$ cdn. I'd like to have all newer 2020 stock on hand once events are back up and running. However, more newer stock will be available online as well, mainly after this weekend (but the sale will have some newer mixed in :) ). Many of the older stock are nice and simple, good woods for beginners and some are shorter than some newer wands posted recently. Look for the sale to go live around 6 pm eastern time, finish around the same time on Sunday!

Some of the sale items will be a few of the Master Series that were planning on being the focal point at Toronto Comiccon. They are mainly Nogal wood, aka Peruvian Walnut. There was a very balanced theme for the stock of the two cancelled events this spring. Nogal being one of the woods carries the same basic attributes of Walnut overall, but a slightly more moving side to it. The stock of the Master's Series has a simplistic, but classic approach... with a feeling that you could get dressed up on a Saturday Night and the wand could match your fancy outfits.. I will trickle these online over the next few weeks, saving some of the stock for Montreal Comiccon in July.

I'm also cutting into more of my older Oak stock. A pleasure to work with and a wood that looks good with any outfit for a Saturday night (sorry Master Series.. ). For those who have already purchased some, perhaps comment below on how you might find the properties. There are two stocks that i have currently of the older Oak- one from the mid United States that somehow found it's way up to Canada in the early 1900's... and the second is from South Eastern Europe (pictured here). The cuts unfortunately are not thick. That limits the designs, or depth's of coves, etc. I'll be sure to create a note specifically for Oak coming up.... very likely the most classic wood and widely used in all of Wandmaking.

Wandsmith's Notes

Wenge was another wood that was planned to be briefly featured during the events. Many pieces of the stock actually sold before the spring, as i had worked on them much earlier. I have been quoted as saying Wenge is one that is a quintessential Master Class wand, as well as a wood holding balance in it's properties. Hailing from Central African regions Wenge has a Masculine property to it overall and is a fine balance between the elements of fire and air (contrary to Walnut, mentioned above having a balance between earth and water). Excellent for mood stabilizing, calming one’s mind, it promotes balanced thought and can promote a more even leveled action. Works well for any meditation work for centering. With this in mind, Wenge also has quite a talent for dispersing dark energies. Compared to other woods which can disperse or block energies, Wenge will do so in a more calm manner... like slowly pushing down the plunger of a French press making coffee... filtering more so than eroding energies away.

In the workshop, Wenge can produce beautiful Wands. It's colouring and density make it an attractive wood to use visually. However..... it is one of my least favourites at times to both work with and finish. Besides Wenge's properties, it's grain can be uneven. Splintery... Blunting tools more so than other woods. Occasionally thinking a proper curve, cove or design cue has been achieved.. the grain can say otherwise.. changing the project all together. Therefore, Wenge works quite well with the more simple classic designs.

Unfortunately due to demand/exportation, pricing will continue to rise for Wenge.

3 Notes to take away:

-Hard wood

-Difficult to finish at times (Splintery)

-Rising cost (officially listed as Endangered)

Stay tuned for more!

B. McCormick

Master Wandsmith of

McCormick Wands


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