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Good Day everyone!

With the Covid-19 closures and pandemic shutting down many, if not all events for the near future at minimum, you may have noticed more content online.

This will continue for the time being, which I know was welcome regardless of recent events to many friends of McCormick Wands that are not in my immediate area.

I will be placing groups of stock online every few days, like what i placed online last weekend. Many of the event stock for the 2020 season that was already completed were of the Master Class as well as the past plan to offer sales on some older 2019 stock. I will be arranging some ideas continually on how to do this. Thus far, i have cut shipping costs by a small amount for Canada and US customers. Undoubtedly, more online events to come...

The response was great and i thank you for your continued support during these uncertain times.

McCormick Wands will continue to move forward, but i also urge you if you can to help support other small and local businesses that are effected by the pandemic closures, etc. !

See you soon!

Brendan McCormick

Master Wandsmith of

McCormick Wands


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