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February 2020 News

Good Monday Witches, I have been shuffling ideas around, amongst other things in the office for this year. After many questions delivered to me, I will let you know of some plans as of this point to help usher in the 20’s. The Descendant and Apprentice Class wands are no more. The remaining Apprentice class wands in stock will be on sale over the next two Gatherings at Toronto Comiccon and Ottawa Geek Market. The names used in the Descendant Class will still be reincarnated into series or lines, similar to what the Aurora and Legacy Lines were last season. However, I will have small, limited number Series of a name. I would like to have some of these collections completed soon.  The Master Class will remain as the backbone of the line up, as well as the Realm Class wands which contain woods of a specialty nature. The new Avari Class will be used for the more artistic, hand carved wands that have been on social media recently. I will be updating the website to reflect the Master, Avari and Realm Classes.  

I would like to thank you all again for the years of support and I'm looking forward to bringing in a new decade here in the workshop. 

Brendan McCormick

Master Wandsmith of 

McCormick Wands

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