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As Samhain draws closer, I enjoy exploring many aspects of past wands, the lore studied and historical information of some woods. As I begin to expand more on the wood profiles online and reflect on my own teachings and learnings in Wandsmithing, I seem to routinely come back to my own preference in woods. My main being African Blackwood. I have been lucky to possess many different specimens over the years and for all my research in any woods, Blackwood still is one of the most mysterious. A short profile of the wood is below, however as a Master Wandsmith, I’m certain that I could post a different paragraph weekly on this wood specifically.

Wood: African Blackwood

Origin: Central/ South regions of Africa

Element: Spirit

Energy rating: 10/10

Blackwood's energy, in short, does not live in the realm of the living. Highly associated with the afterlife, communication with the afterlife and endings/changes in cycles. Any work involving summoning or Spirits is recommended. Blackwood also is known to block energies at times. Occasionally, Blackwood will learn what energies its companion would like to block, making it useful in protection. It is one of a few woods that are considered true conduit woods- woods that would allow one to have direct connections to the spiritual realm. As such, Blackwood requires a regular cleansing. On my graph of elemental associations, Blackwood should not even be listed but it does show up because I couldn't just leave it off. As it lives in the Spirit Realm, it's energy will latch on to an element, either of its holder or what force its strongest in proximity. Oddly, perhaps its own way of anchoring itself here.

Blackwood will work with a smaller amount of people than most. Depending greatly on a practitioners own background and energy. Some will form incredible bonds with the wood. Some will be immediately put off by an uneasy feeling when attempting to use Blackwood. A very popular wood for its dark black exterior, those that are typically drawn to its appearance, from my experience, do not work well with African Blackwood. It's a wood that will call to you. If your paths align or if you are in tune with those very specific energies, you will know right away. It's as though Blackwood whispers to you... not fully knowing if its the wand or voices from the other side. Not uncommon to have the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. A truly unique wood that will bond in mysterious ways, feels ancient, it is undoubtedly one of the most powerful and misunderstood in Wandsmithing.

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