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I'm hoping that everyone is enjoying the beautiful Fall weather as we continue to approach the best time of year! The workshop is a busy place right now, preparing Wands for the Christmas Market at the Canadian Museum of History (Nov 28- Dec 1). I'll have at minimum 250 Wands prepared and waiting at the event to help send off the 2019 season and to celebrate a special year.

A few woods will be more prominent in the line up this year. As with some other events in 2019, I had some featured or focused upon woods. For the Market this year, Purpleheart, Wenge and Walnut will be the featured woods.

Wood: Purpleheart Origin: Central and South America Element: Feminine- Spirit, Air Energy rating 7/10 Very good for dream work, especially if directed towards any nightmare or restless sleep. Good for divination, those with higher psychic abilities and dissolving negative energy. The energy with Purpleheart works more on the subconscious level, providing that lean towards the dream realm. Sometimes the energy with Purpleheart can feel as though it is shifting, not like Padauk, but instead a feeling of deeper intermittent , intuitive or psychic connections.

Origin: Central African regions

Element: Masculine- Fire, Air\

Energy Rating: 7/10

Excellent for mood stabilizing, calming one’s mind. It promotes balanced thought. Works well for any meditation work for centering. Good for dispersing dark energies. Although Wenge can have the calmer side for ones mind and mediation, its dispersing darkness cannot go understated. Wenge has the ability to dive deep into those energies, dissolving them almost from the inside. Many of those working with more traumatic energies, such as first responders feel a close relationship to Wenge.

Like Walnut, it sits on between two elemental energies, creating a fine balance of personalities. For all intents and purposes, Wenge is still a very useful "multi-purpose" wood to use.

Wood: Walnut

Origin: various locations worldwide

Element:Masc/Fem- Earth, Water

Energy rating: 7/10

Well balanced. Calming, but also a freeing energy to it. Don't be fooled as Walnut can have quite a magical energy about it. Walnut will also work well with most types of works and personalities. Being on the border of Earth and Water properties, it will exhibit the best of both worlds with its energy. Normally when compared to Wenge, Walnut presents as a very notable personality alternative if looking for a balanced, between the elements, wood.

I hope to see you in November if you're in the Ottawa/National Capital region.

Brendan McCormick

Master Wandsmith of

McCormick Wands

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