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Oak... seeker of Realms?

Oak, for all intents and purposes has been a universal favourite in Wandmaking. Regardless of the species. I enjoy using Oak for the Apprentice Class Wands and the occasional Master Class thrown into the workshop schedule. Although I don’t focus on the fact much, Oak can excel at a variety of tasks. In past conversations with colleagues in my circles, Oak can group well into what we in the profession call “Seer” woods. Oak is very much stealth when speaking of this grouping as generally it’s known for its stability, calm, grounding nature. And for the vast majority of the time that’s exactly how I advertise and explain it as it is Oaks primary personality. However, for those that know Oak well, it possesses another side to it. As Fall grows and we move towards only the most fantastic time of year, both visually .......and spiritually, Oak becomes more and more popular in the line up. Besides Blackwood, Oak is actually the most popular as we approach Samhain. Oak has a hidden talent for divination and scrying in wandmaking. You might not notice this energy immediately as Oak is comfortable with taking its time and being patient itself. It’s talent for this catches almost everyone off guard. However, you don’t need to travel far to hear very spiritual tales about this great tree. Stories and beliefs associated with Oak can be found everywhere from Christianity, Norse culture, Celtic and Greek mythologies .... numerous locations and backgrounds that I could never fit into one post. So take into consideration Oaks hidden talents as we travel closer to the years end, meeting up with another Realm. I carry a special stock of double century old Oak and recently had received what I believe to be Holm Oak (might also be Turkish Oak). I’m attempting to figure this out for you as well as a possible age of the supply. Reclaimed Oak for Wands, unlike its milled and “freshly made” counterparts, possess an amazing refined and wise nature about them. They have lived and seen in different ways compared to newly cut Oak. Their ability to unlock and work with Oaks more unknown energies is more common and impressive.. 

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