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A work in progress..

A work in progress this weekend. Many years ago I created a class system that would help one choose where to start with a wand wood. Or, alternatively where to go if the person was wanting an upgrade of sorts. The Apprentice and Master Class Wands have really been the backbone of the stock. The Apprentice Class often carry qualities about them that are easier to use for inexperienced users. The Master Class will carry woods that are normally higher in property qualities or energy. Most times having a more refined level. Over time, it has been learned that there are woods that do not fit those two categories and so another class Realm, was created (this class has gone by different names over the years). These were woods that were a specialty , higher energy than the Master Class and almost exclusively for those with experience under their belt. And, it is known that there is a sliding scale which only works in a few ways- Any Apprentice wood can be a Master or Realm, depending on specific nuances or signatures present. Any Master can be and Apprentice or Realm. But those in that Realm Class can only be a Realm. This energy movement is mainly due to factors, such as growth location, specific events, tree age, among others for the Apprentice and Masters to move around. Example- an Old growth Oak from a cemetery vs a younger harvested from an open field.

..... The Descendant Class... in case you're asking yourself, will be focused on in the near future..

A question of where a woods energy is located on a scale of 1-10 comes up all too often during events... even more so this year so far. Therefore, I wanted to focus and revisit this. Here is a starting point chart, that helps provide some clarity on where some woods that are normally used here, are located in the power rankings. Don’t be confused with the Elemental chart that is on the website. That chart is useful for the elemental associations, energy signatures and a road map of the woods basic personality. I will most certainly be expanding on this and have some ideas on where to go next. So, seeing this, are some of the woods located where you would have expected?

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