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From the Workshop. General ramblings..

With the Sun shining in the sky right now (although we're getting more rain over the next few days.... not snow.. which is nice), i'm in a spring cleaning/organizing kind of mood. I've scheduled some smaller projects for the weekend to provide a slight break from what has been an amazing Winter/first half of Spring. So thank you to everyone who follows along on the Facebook, Instragram pages... as well as those who are frequently on the Website who are inquiring on the properties page and scouting out the market.

The summer ahead will be busy! Ottawa and Montreal Comiccon are around the corner. I'll be travelling from Montreal to Kingston ON for Fantasy in the Forest right after. Rain or shine, its always a beautiful outdoor show. Whats gong on the second half of the year? We'll see. But for the online crew, i know that i'll be planning a large online event on here in September/October. So keep an eye for more details.

I've had many comments and even a poll of Facebook about the 2019 Master Class designs. So many have shared or commented to me how much they are liking the simple elegance that this class has brought back. With 2019 in mind, i know that the Master Class will be returning to its throne of dominance in the Wand stock line up. What you might notice as well is a reduction this year in varieties, or at least quantities used of certain woods. As I've mentioned before, the plan is to focus on more sustainable woods, less threatened species and more reclaimed varieties. I don't want to say that this will be the year of Walnut.... But... its shaping up to be that way. And really, when speaking of properties, Walnut is one fantastic jack of all trades wood. But don't worry, more exotics are in the making if you're looking for something different. So question..... What wood should be the feature wood for Ottawa Comiccon? Like this blog posting and comment below! I'd love to hear.

I was asked recently about tools, and what do I normally use in the workshop.

- My main tools are a half inch skew and what are now three modified bowl gauges. I say modified because, well, they don't make Wand gauges. The different sizes of gauges that i have all have been grind down to meet my needs, which for one, was to create a tool that could act both skew and gauge. The rest of the tools in the shop are more so for carving, hand and power, depending on the wood. Dracarys, pictured left, was a great piece of Ziricote wood. The sphere midway through the handle section was the only turned component. It was quickly taken off the lathe and carved by hand otherwise. One thing that i tried to stress to one who asked was something that i was told a long time ago when thinking about upgrading tools-- " price shouldn't matter, just learn the tool. Someone can do great things with a bargain basement tool, while someone else can do a horrible job with a state of the art tool." The main tools i have and use perhaps added up to 75$.

Lastly, i'd like to know-- what types of ritual or spellwork do you prefer to use your wand (s) for? Purification, divination, protection, healing, communication? I receive many comments from folks of many different types of Spirituality backgrounds that use Wands. So I'd like to put it out there to the cyberverse to hear back from you. AND, i never forget about those who just love wands in general, those of the Potter Fandom, etc. I'm a big fan as well and have been known to blurt out Incendio from time to time when burning woods... So, what brought you folks here? give a shout out.

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