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Iroko is back!

Iroko A tree that has numerous folk tales that are both ancient and new. Iroko originates from tropical African regions. It is a harder wood that can live into the area of 500 years old. It is sometimes known as African Teak. A common theme in many of the tales of this wood is just how supernatural its energy can be. Some contacts have placed it easily into the realm of African Blackwood, which is definitely saying something. Iroko is mainly associated with the element of Air but has a very strong secondary association with Water. If you look at the copy of my chart online, it would be furthest right, in the Air quadrant but near the Water line. The wood has a very strong, fierce, protective nature about it. It shares many of the attributes that African Blackwood carries (such as its strong connection to spirit realm energy and communication) BUT its energy is very deeply rooted in the realm of here and nowWhich is one of its oddest features because once you form a bond with this wood, the feeling of Iroko is timeless, timeshifting and ancient. Look for Iroko to be in stock again shortly! 

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