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2019 has finally arrived! I wish you all a Happy New Calendar Year. My annual vacation of two- three days away from the workshop were spectacular. Now, the focus must be on setting up a new year of stock.

I kept a very close eye during 2018 on stock at events and what styles were popular or caught eyes. I found that in many cases the hand carved, Descendant class wands (like in the Descendant Collection at the Canadian Museum of History), were sought after at that event and moved very quickly. During other events and gatherings during 2018, the style that appeared to win against most others were wands that had a simpler look in the sense that the handle was modest, the pommel tended to be a larger sphere (although the longer finial styling was just as popular). The entire combination of the handle and pommel were quite short and in some cases... some only really having a pommel.

In years past, many of the top selling wands had coves, beads, spirals all throughout the overall design. In other years, a thicker, shorter wand was the preferred style. There seems to be a definite shift over the past two years, to more of a sleeker, streamlined but simple styling. All this being said, you might notice a shift yourself in the line up this coming year. I do enjoy having that simpler, sleek styling as there is something more elegant to it. Of course, a wide range of lengths will be created.

On to the next bit of news. This year, I would like to focus more on the stock that ends up at events and online. I have always accepted custom orders and will continue to do so in 2019. But, I wish to devote less time to this as i find the overall process for each order can be very time consuming, restraining for artistic flow and in some cases not realistic for what the customer wants. I will speak more to this on some future posts. I have always created unique, one of a kind wands that i try very hard not to replicate. Therefore, each is its own custom and special piece to begin with. Not the mass produced resin wands that sell for more than most of mine. This is real world wandmaking after all..

Lastly, I have some ideas and thoughts for the upcoming year that i will patiently work on as the year grows older. One of which is using this site more, the blog more and providing more of a look behind the scenes of Wandmaking. Sometimes, those scenes will be a glimpse into shows or what i do in the days leading up to them, etc. Or, prep work on certain projects, research, cemetery visits, wood searches, Q+A's, tool reviews, hikes... really anything that a Master Wand Maker might do. As i jokingly say sometimes... we do really exist outside of Diagon Ally.. in the real world, working with concepts that have been around for thousands or more years.

I wish you the best for 2019 and i thank you again for joining me here. McCormick Wands 1989-2019.... Lets make this year the best ever!

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