• McCormick Wands

What a great Gathering!

Thank you to everyone who came out to the Canadian Museum of History / Musée canadien de l’histoire the last four days for the Christmas Market! It was a truly amazing gathering and only a hand full of Wands are left. A special thank you to the organizers and people behind the scenes! I will be organizing myself over the next few days, so I apologize in advance if there is any delay in any communication. 

Some people were asking me to do a brief post similar to the "Meet the Maker" posts... so here goes... Although most messages i receive online are to Mr McCormick, my name is Brendan. I have been making wands in some way, shape or form for approx 30 years now. Even though I'm fairly new to the social media game. As a Master Wand Maker, I have studied Wandmaking, wood properties, design, techniques, mythologies/folklore and metaphysical properties of woods. So, the answer is typically "no" when asked or told that i really capitalized on the Harry Potter books and movies. I've been around before that and the Wands have been around thousands of years before me. I choose to mainly focus on the art of Fine Wandmaking, as oppose to styles using decorative branches or simple rune carvings. And when i say this, i want to emphasize that there are many different styles for Wandmaking, and not one is the "right" way or a "better" way. I refuse to use any stains or paints with my Wands, instead i will naturally sear or burn the wood for styling effect at times. I have studied the historical aspects of Wands, learning from traditions from Ancient Egypt to Celtic, from Indigenous to Norse and wherever i can in between. I have, at times, upwards of 60 different woods in my workshop... although after this past Gathering... I'm no where near this 🙂 I have provided consultation to individuals, Covens and all sorts of groups to help with pairings with woods. So, always feel free to contact me with questions.