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2018 is rapidly coming to an end..

Wow! This year has been quite the busy one. Tomorrow and Sunday I'll be at the EY Centre in Ottawa for the Holiday Edition of Ottawa Comiccon. I'll be at the Canadian Museum of History shortly after that to close up the season. More wand to be made for the remaining time this year. 

Ages ago, a decision was made in the Wandshop that some Wands were held above others. Their energies were prime examples of what Wands should be. Individuals among other Wands of similar woods that exhibited a more powerful or unique quality about them. These were the Descendants. Over time, Wand Bloodlines were created. They evolved. They grew into reincarnations. A core Tribe of Wands have lasted for generations with McCormick Wands. Shadowfax was considered Lord Of The Horses. A steed of nobility and power. As a Wand, the name served as the flagship and ruler of the Wands around it. A horses Spiritual nature and energy is deep. It is easy to get lost in their presence. Very pure. As a Wand it was no different. The designs used for the Shadowfax Wand bloodline have been complex at times. Quite simple at others. People have enjoyed numerous reincarnations of this line and models have made their way around the globe. Over the years Shadowfax has proven to be the finest and most coveted of the Descendants. During the last great Gathering of the year 2018, at the Canadian Museum of History, it’s my honour as a Master Wand Maker to create a collection of the main Wand Bloodlines. Shadowfax is expected to be a part of this collection as it would be foolish to not include the next version. That next, made of Wenge Wood, will be quite simple in comparison to the last few incarnations. It will be the last of that epic Bloodline. The time of Shadowfax as the ruling line will end. The name will return but a new Descendant will take its place. The Age of Shadowfax is closing The Dawn Of Galadriel has arrived  

Catch her at the Museum event and look for posts on Facebook for more information. 

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