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Question of the day: Double Wands?

Question of the Day: Can someone have more than one Wand? Can they be used at the same time? This is a question that I get asked a lot! The short answer- yes, you have have more than one Wand. Now let’s be clear... rarely would you use two different Wands at the same time. And if you own more than one Wand, there will always be a primary that you are drawn to. Some woods will also form stronger bonds with its holder. That being said, coming back to it, yes... you can have more than one. It will depend on the type of energy work you do, sometimes your own background or simply the intention of the ritual being done. If it’s for grounding and stabilizing, Oak could be a go to. If your looking for cross Veil contact or possibly for energy blocking, African Blackwood will do the trick. Or for strong healing energies, Amboyna Burl would be quite potent. I’ve known customers who have a very wide variety of Wands in their collection for different times throughout the yearly cycle, etc. But they will always have that primary Wand for them. It can be a wood that they feel connected to from the start for whatever reason.... a wood with its main elemental association the same as its holder.. .. the reasons continue. Interestingly, if two Wands are used at the same time, they tend to be woods of opposite energy signatures- Air to Earth, Water to Fire. Spirit can be the wildcard. The forces of the two elements with the wands will create a balance. If you have more questions, please message me! I’ll post an answer for you :) 

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