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It's all about Class..

I’ve been procrastinating on this post... for the last few years believe it or not. I thought that since there are more newer folk to my craft, now is a good time to explain the classes of Wands that I carry. A lengthy read, I hope that this clarifies the way I do things. Hope you have a hot coffee this morning..

Apprentice class— more associated with the Element of Earth. The woods that I typically use in this category are those that can be more stabilizing and grounding, especially to those that are newer to the craft. Of course, there are many exceptions to a rule and you will find other woods in this category. However, Oak, Hickory, Maple and Cedar are woods that I would most usually carry in this Class. Any spellwork, energy work or divination can be made simpler with this class and more importantly, safer due to the inherent qualities possessed by the woods used in this range. The woods are also cheaper, making them more popular also amongst newcomers or younger clientele.

Master Class— here is where we branch out from the Element of Earth and start using other energies, other woods. In fact, almost any wood can be used in this category, making Master Class the most popular by far of any Class I’ve ever had over the last 20+ years. Master Class is where you find most of the cored Wands I create. This is also where you might find a wider range of styles, although one fact is certain- besides the woods used, Master Class Wands are normally more refined and “fancier” than Apprentice Wands.

Elemental Class— a branch from Master Class. Traditionally, there was not much of a difference between Elemental and Descendant wands. Last year and this year however, Elemental Class Wands can be defined as a mixture of lathe turned and handcarved Wands, hence the sections of turned wood within the rougher, more “natural” shafts and varying handles. Elemental Class hold closely to Air and the feeling of freedom and imagination that can be provided with it.

Descendant Class— besides Apprentice, this is actually the older class of wands simply due to that I wasn’t always a wood turner. Up until a number of years ago, all Wands could have fit in this category. More artistic, dynamic, free flowing and most importantly all done by hand. All woods could also be used in this class, but most common are woods that are considered to be more expensive... and inherently, at times, harder in density. Therefore able to withstand the designs used. This class is also commonly associated with Fire for rebirth, perseverance and strength. You will find the vast majority of the named Wands here, reincarnated as time goes on.

XR Class— the “royalty” of the wands. Woods that are rare, hard to come by or due to cost of them fit here. Regardless of what wood is used, how simple the design, those that know woodworking love this class because of the woods that I’m able to receive at times. On the record, this is the most expensive class and the least posted on the Internet for various reasons- surprise gifts, etc. In fact, I believe I’ve posted only a few over the last year even though they make up the least amount of wands during the year out of any class.

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