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From the wand shop.... thinking of Fire on a cold day.

It feels like -39’c this morning outside my workshop. Winter is no doubt here. So....let’s talk Fire for a minute?

Fire can be a tricky thing. Sit down with someone at a fire and ask them what they see after time has passed.

More than likely the answer can vary widely, but also can be quite dramatic. Some feel raw energy, dynamic at that. Ever moving and shifting. Never still. Some feel destruction and pain. Others feel passion. Healing and powerful. When it comes to the element of Fire, the reactions can differ as much as the shapes of the flames.

The woods that are associated with this particular element are a special group. There are quite a few- Butternut, Fir, Birch, Padauk and Cocobolo, among others. From my experience, Fire is one of the elemental associations that people are either closely drawn to or very quickly put off from. Some find the energy too chaotic and shifting. As mentioned before in a profile about Padauk, the energy can be so moving and high vibration, a person who is sensitive to such signatures doesn’t even need to physically pick it up to know if that wand is for them or not.

Fire can have many different sides to it though, not just positive and negative. I find that this element can be used most effectively with a type of grey energy work, where an individual can walk the fine line between light and dark energies without surrendering to that dark side. Where one is in balance or at least can travel to a balanced mindset where positive/negative, healing/destructive, light/dark energies can exist as one. Hence why many woods like Padauk and Birch are not recommended for beginners to a Craft. Channeling raw fiery energy can be dangerous to those who are unaccustomed to navigating the turbulent flows. I'll go on in more depth about this grey path and how it can effect the world of wands and wandmaking in a later blog post.

Fire is one element that can consume, in both good and bad ways. As powerful a tool as Fire could be for destruction, it can also heal and purify.

As devastating as a Fire can be in a forest from one spark, new life can spring forth from the remains.

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