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Possession of a Legend. I was asked a number of months ago at a show about rare woods. Geography, I think, plays a part and also how well your supplier covers different wood types. But I’m speaking of rare, generally hard to come by woods. Recently there have been a number of different woods moved onto the threatened or endangered lists and some I’ve been told that have been able to come off of those lists.. for now. There was one though in particular that I was never able to find due to long standing restrictions. Enter the CITES or Convention of International Trade of Endagered Species. For woodworking, among other natural products, it lists the item in three different sections of protection levels. The genus “Dalbergia Spp” is listed in appendix 1 or the most restricted section. This is the name that covers all “true” Rosewoods. Bubinga, Cocobolo and African Blackwood can also fall into Dalbergia Spp. But “Dalbergia Nigra” was the one that interested me the most in conversation. You may have actually seen this type of wood before in musical instruments, high end furniture, etc. Searching for literature on the properties is rare because in the world of wandmaking, it was scarce. Dalbergia Nigra is also known as Brazilian Rosewood. Brazillian Rosewood is gorgeous. The colours can vary, like most Rosewoods that are more easy to come by. At times, it can have an Ebony like appearance. Works quite well in terms of any woodworking and the pricing as you may have guessed is on the higher side. A lot higher. To help place things into perspective on what else is in this appendix class—Elephants, Blue Whales, Red Pandas.

Something to stress about the CITES lists when speaking about the Rosewood is the word International in the acronym. Brazilian Rosewood has had a restricted level in most Countries for quite a while. And from what I can see from online searches and speaking with good friends who also wood work, any pieces of Brazilian in Canada anyways has had to have its own unique certificate, its own documentation of authenticity since at least 1972. I was lucky enough recently to be gifted three pieces. I know that they are genuine despite not having the paperwork in my possession. But because of this, they technically cannot cross international boundaries. In some situations, I’ve seen/heard of nice old guitars that contain Brazilian Rosewood be confiscated at borders without papers. Could you imagine that happening? In fact…. To play it safe.. the Brazilian Rosewood that I have will not actually be for sale. Instead, the pieces will be used and placed in my own private collection, locked in the McCormick Wands Vault.

As mentioned, due to its rarity, searching for any literature or comments on its properties is hard to come by. But, Master Wand Maker do know a thing or two. Brazilian Rosewood has a higher planetary association with the Moon and the Sun as a strong secondary. It’s overall energy is very much like the post recently about Acacia in its clear divided lines sometimes. It does contain a very strong Fiery side but unlike most of the Rosewoods used, is also strong with the element of Spirit. Therefore, making it well suited for similar tasks like African Blackwood. It is strong with healing natures and is considered very intuitive. Stay tuned for the first piece….

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