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From the Wand Shop--- Speaking of Oak..

With Ottawa Geek Market coming up at the end of september, I'll be focusing much of the stock on the Apprentice Class of wands. This normally varies with the type of woods and prices, however this year will feature more Oak than before.

A few reasons for this----- As mentioned before, I acquired a large amount of old Oak flooring from an old home. Only about a quarter of the stock has actually been cut up for wand blanks so i have quite a bit left to use. The flooring was originally milled in Arkansas in the mid 1940's. I've tried to search online to find out

exactly where the trees were cut down or to find out an estimated age of the wood when cut.. but that might be beyond Google. In any case, using old wood, reclaimed wood or scraps from projects (mine and others) is what i'm trying to focus more on. Although i do have a large selection and will undoubtedly carry a large selection of exotic woods that have been imported, one must always be mindful of the status of the trees where the wood is coming from. I will go on about this more in a later entry-- the "red list" or "restricted section" if you will.

There's something to be said though about a wood such as this that has been used before. In this situation, the Oak was used as flooring, a warm base in a loving home. How perfect is this? Oak has had a "superstar" status in the Wand world for such a long time. Why? It's stable. Very balanced and strong. When i speak about Oak at shows and events, i normally describe it as the wood that walks into a room at a party where no one knows each other and everyone is relieved to see it because..well.. everyone knows it. When picking up the wood and wands from this stock, one can't deny the feeling of energy that is just ..... there. Something that i think has been infused into it due to the long task it just had in the home. Comforting. It has a strong protective nature about it and also a strong provider aspect about it. Oak has been used for shelters, tools, weapons, statues, tonics, food.. really anything over such a long long time. I think that's the draw with Oak. The familiarity and stability of it without the flashy grain for the most part. I find that Oak has many similarities to Bloodwood in that it works well with the four physical elements. It can very easily channel those energies quite effectively. I recommend this wood primarily for those starting out with any type of energy work or craft. i think that it suits that role just fine. That being said however, there is an unquestionable place for Oak with any class of wand as i hope to demonstrate over the next month and a half before the next show.

I'm sure i will have a number of posts to come about Oak as it has always been a main favorite of mine in the shop and at shows.

what are your thoughts? How have you worked with Oak or found it's prescence?

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