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From the Wand Shop- Musings from a Master Wand Maker...

So i sat there the other day having a spirited conversation with my dog, my familiar... who was politely panting sitting there while i jabbered to myself. I was putting away wand blanks of various woods... Maple, Zebrawood, Amboyna Burl and thinking about how to use my website differently. I used to do woods of the month but have moved away from it recently. Not sure why. Instead, I've resorted to posting small snippets of information about the wood, using keywords. I like them actually. But something else was missing. So just then for whatever reason, i started thinking blog. So, i'm going to try a blog. Perhaps some days will be writing about a project, others about the woods i use. Some days will be about tools even. I'm not sure. However, i think a blog written from a Wand Makers perspective might be interesting. You?

Feel free to share ideas. I'm sure i'll have a proper entry soon enough. Or.. is this a proper entry....

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