Master Class

Master Class Wands are the standard, backbone of the Wand inventory. Typically, longer, sleeker and more refined in appearances, their energies will often be more complex that require their handler to have greater knowledge and experience. Although, many of the woods used will also benefit those who might be less experienced or new to the craft itself. 

Realm Class

The Realm Class contain woods that have a very unique energy or property to them. Normally reserved for woods that are not suited for beginners. Occasionally, wands are created during special times of year, such as Beltane or Samhain, or during Full Moons, etc..they would fit nicely into this Class.  Realm class would contain woods that could be considered specialty woods that provide a unique energy, such as African Blackwood, Ebony, Padauk, etc. Woods that would be also much higher on the energy ratings would fit into this Class. 

Avari Class

The Avari Class is a newly formed Class for 2020 that includes the more intricate designs, or handcarved Wands. The Avari can use any types of woods, including Realm Classes. More information on this line up to come.  

Some Standard  Series continuing in 2020...

Aurora Series

Rapier Series

Wand Anatomy 101


The Pommel is one of the sections in fine Wandmaking that often varies in design. Associated with the element of Earth, it is normally the most grounded section of the wand. It is where intentions are set, energies of the wood first felt and connected with. 


The handle also varies in design and can sometimes be very much integrated into the pommel. Water is mostly associated with this section. Where intentions, energies and connections really begin to take form. Whereas a body of Water can be calm and tranquil or ragging and energetic, the Handle will be the home of this feeling. 


Fire lives in this section of the wand. The shaft of the wand is where everything comes together and grows to move outwards or to travel back to its holder. The shaft of the wand is known as the most energetic area and where the higher energy begins to live and transition. 


The Tip, sometimes known as the "mount", is associated with Air. If the energies and intentions are moving outwards, the tip is where it meets the outer world. 

Each section is connected with the element of Spirit. Whether the energies more outwards away from the wand or not, its the Spiritual energy that binds the other forces together.  This task is better accomplished sometimes depending on the wood.