Wands By Class

The Classes of wands in the past easily dictated what to expect from such an important and deeply personal tool and companion. This Year, there has been a return to roots, keeping the magic and energy simple and moving forward. The Classes and the way they are organized will help one perhaps choose a wand easier for where they might be on their journey. 

Apprentice Class

A Class for one to begin their journey or for one that might feel more connected with a design that is much more basic and elemental. This Class will contain woods that are much more user friendly if one might be using them for any energy work for spiritualty. Presently, Oak will be the highlight of this Class. You will find woods here, as with Oak, that will still provide an exceptionally deep energy that even much more experienced users can wield.  

Odyssey Class

 The newest Class fills a middle ground that tends to be created and not focused on, forgotten or celebrated in many regards: A sense of growth and a place where those roots of ones journey can take hold. Therefore, the Odyssey Class has taken form. Slightly "fancier" if you will, the designs will be paired with woods that will be more "off centre" and will allow the holder to explore other realms of work as they grow. Perhaps the new work horse of the shop, there will be many similarities shared with  Apprentice Class. however incorporate a much wider selection of woods

Master Class

The Master Class has long since been the main class in the workshop. Now, it is being handed a new role as the upper level Wand. This Class includes all woods and designs- from simple to more intricate all handcarved wands... from Oak to Blackwood and Ebony. This Class differs from the Odyssey Class from the view that the woods incorporated within are more complex and deep energied, that more experienced users, or those looking for a more refined product will enjoy. Woods that, in the past, would be considered highly specialized will now live here. Certain high end woods will have a special designation within this Class to further distinguish them. 

Design Lines

Stay Tuned for more information....