Weekend Spring Cleaning

Good evening! I’ve placed a few more again online and reduced a few Wands on the Market page to help clear out the older stock. Everything needs to move out this weekend before I plan to place some of the newer stock online.

Apprentice Class clear out

Good afternoon! I hope everyone is staying healthy and well! The Apprentice Class and older stock clear out continues here for some spring cleaning. I’ve placed a few more older stock online, some reduced down to $20cdn. I will continue to put more Apprentice class on as I go. Clear out will be on through the weekend!

Weekend Sale and News (March 20-22)

Tonight! Friday March 20 to Sunday March 22, I will be placing some older Wands online to clear out. I was hoping to have a larger sale at the events in March, but online will work as well! Most stock will be at 30$ cdn. I'd like to have all newer 2020 stock on hand once events are back up and running. However, more newer stock will be available online as well, mainly after this weekend (but the sale will have some newer mixed in :) ). Many of the older stock are nice and simple, good woods for beginners and some are shorter than some newer wands posted recently. Look for the sale to go live around 6 pm eastern time, finish around the same time on Sunday! Some of the sale items will be a few

Online Stock!

Good Day everyone! With the Covid-19 closures and pandemic shutting down many, if not all events for the near future at minimum, you may have noticed more content online. This will continue for the time being, which I know was welcome regardless of recent events to many friends of McCormick Wands that are not in my immediate area. I will be placing groups of stock online every few days, like what i placed online last weekend. Many of the event stock for the 2020 season that was already completed were of the Master Class as well as the past plan to offer sales on some older 2019 stock. I will be arranging some ideas continually on how to do this. Thus far, i have cut shipping costs by a small

Important Announcement

Good evening, I have some unfortunate but not entirely unexpected news to share with you. As some or most have already heard, Unfortunately, both Toronto Comiccon and Ottawa Geek Market has been Cancelled due to precautions for COVID-19 . I am awaiting to hear the next steps for Toronto, but I will be aiming instead at 2021. Ottawa Geek Market has been rescheduled as well to 2021. As a RN by my actual full time job, I understand and support these decisions. Safety for all is paramount in a situation such as this. As a Wandsmith, of course this is disappointing and frustrating as these two events over the next few weeks were a large section of 2020. I will be formulating a slightly different

March 2020 Full Moon

With event stock numbers doing well for the upcoming Toronto Comiccon and Ottawa Geek Market.... which will end up being a very busy two week... I can place more Wands online! So this evening i'll have 5 new Wands from today, created during this months Full Moon Hours. They will be up for a limited time though... Keep in mind as well during those two events- i will have a number of old Apprentice Class Wands on clearance, as well as some older 2019 stock.