This Saturday only on the website, i'll be having a 24 hour sale. I'll be placing a number of Wands, most at a reduced sale price starting midnight on Friday to Saturday at midnight (ET). Many of the Wands are selected to go to the Canadian Museum of History Christmas Market and it will be the only chance they will be online before then.

Living over the Edge..

As Samhain draws closer, I enjoy exploring many aspects of past wands, the lore studied and historical information of some woods. As I begin to expand more on the wood profiles online and reflect on my own teachings and learnings in Wandsmithing, I seem to routinely come back to my own preference in woods. My main being African Blackwood. I have been lucky to possess many different specimens over the years and for all my research in any woods, Blackwood still is one of the most mysterious. A short profile of the wood is below, however as a Master Wandsmith, I’m certain that I could post a different paragraph weekly on this wood specifically. Wood: African Blackwood Origin: Central/ South reg

Wood Updates

I'm hoping that everyone is enjoying the beautiful Fall weather as we continue to approach the best time of year! The workshop is a busy place right now, preparing Wands for the Christmas Market at the Canadian Museum of History (Nov 28- Dec 1). I'll have at minimum 250 Wands prepared and waiting at the event to help send off the 2019 season and to celebrate a special year. A few woods will be more prominent in the line up this year. As with some other events in 2019, I had some featured or focused upon woods. For the Market this year, Purpleheart, Wenge and Walnut will be the featured woods. Wood: Purpleheart Origin: Central and South America Element: Feminine- Spirit, Air Energy rating

New small batch

Good Morning Witches, This weeks small batch is now online on the market page. They will be up for a week, being changed next Saturday for a new small batch. As always, let me know if you have any questions.