Oak... seeker of Realms?

Oak, for all intents and purposes has been a universal favourite in Wandmaking. Regardless of the species. I enjoy using Oak for the Apprentice Class Wands and the occasional Master Class thrown into the workshop schedule. Although I don’t focus on the fact much, Oak can excel at a variety of tasks. In past conversations with colleagues in my circles, Oak can group well into what we in the profession call “Seer” woods. Oak is very much stealth when speaking of this grouping as generally it’s known for its stability, calm, grounding nature. And for the vast majority of the time that’s exactly how I advertise and explain it as it is Oaks primary personality. However, for those that know Oak w

Shifting Energy for the Year

Loving the recent stock of Teak. Besides its beauty and energy, the plantation Teak that I use is considered a renewable resource. Better controlled and sustained. You might notice more species that would be considered better controlled, domestic, renewable, recycled/repurposed, etc.. around the workshop for the remainder of the year. With the fires in South America and many parts of Africa, i am reducing stock numbers of some species that are coming from certain areas. Therefore, for some species that are favourites here, which you will still find like an upcoming stock of Purpleheart, keep in mind — quantities will be limited. There are other species effected as well such as Goncalo Alves,