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Giveaway results

A name has been drawn from the Goblet! Congratulations to Brittany Stallings ! Brittany has already contacted me and the Wand will be on its way. Thank you to everyone who entered. Look for another giveaway soon!

Giveaway update!!

Good Morning Witches! The Giveaway for the Bloodwood wand will be drawn FRIDAY EVENING AT 8PM et . The winner will have 24HRS to contact me from their chosen media platform (Facebook, Instagram, or following the webpage). I will randomly draw a name from the people entered and post the information on Instagram, the webpage and Facebook. IMPORTANT-- There are many pending invites to like, subscribe to the various pages. If you haven't liked this page yet, your name will not go into the goblet...


****GIVEAWAY**** Would you like this Realm Class Bloodwood Wand? **to enter** On Facebook?simply LIKE and SHARE the page. Share as many times as you like. On Instagram? Do the same, share, like or follow. Neither? That’s alright! Subscribe here. I’ll be posting more angles of this particular Wand, but it’s sister wand is online at  ***about the wood*** Profile Snippet... Bloodwood is useful for a variety of functions and channeling different energies. Most often it does not have any negative side to it, however, it can pick up on surrounding energies and provide a feedback to its holder. Mainly, Bloodwood will channel its own holders personal energy (introverted/ext

Teak- Magically under the radar..

I’ve been crafting a few snippet profiles on the other social media outlets as I set the remainder of the workshop time for the year. Teak. Many visualizations come to mind for a wood that is prized in wood working. In wandmaking, Teak hovers under the radar at times. A surprisingly strong willed, and magical wood. Both genuine, old growth teak as well as its plantation counterpart (most often used around here for growth/harvest management) offer an energy that often out performs others. Teak is highly feminine in nature and associated with Water which can provide its own duality in personality. Teak is highly protective, resistant to unwanted energies and excels at both spiritual and physic