Shedua... a natural in the Realm

Shedua is a common and beloved wood in the line up. Almost always worthy of Realm Class, Shedua would be considered a speciality wood when compared to others. Native to tropical west Africa, Shedua (often known as Black Hyedua or Ovangkol) produces a hard, dense and durable wand that can handle any design. Colours can vary to a degree, but often a red/brown with light streaks. Shedua has a balance of Feminine and Masculine traits. Intuitive, flowing, protective and stabilizing, extroverted as well as introverted. Aligned mostly with the element of Earth, it does have a strong Water association as a secondary which further adds to a sense of Shedua being a “jack of all trades”. That is where

Thank you Ottawa Comiccon

A big thank you to everyone who came out to Ottawa Comiccon this past weekend! Probably one of the best Cons ever. Thank you to the staff Ottawa Comiccon of course for making it a great time! People had wanted to know on sunday what was the most popular wood for Ottawa... This time around, Wenge was the hands down winner! Next stop, Montreal Comiccon!! It will be a very busy month and a half! Look for new wands to be back on the website soon.