From the Workshop. General ramblings..

With the Sun shining in the sky right now (although we're getting more rain over the next few days.... not snow.. which is nice), i'm in a spring cleaning/organizing kind of mood. I've scheduled some smaller projects for the weekend to provide a slight break from what has been an amazing Winter/first half of Spring. So thank you to everyone who follows along on the Facebook, Instragram pages... as well as those who are frequently on the Website who are inquiring on the properties page and scouting out the market. The summer ahead will be busy! Ottawa and Montreal Comiccon are around the corner. I'll be travelling from Montreal to Kingston ON for Fantasy in the Forest right after. Rain or shi

Spring Weekend SALE!

With temperatures finally feeling nice, its time to have a little sale online. Prices are all in Canadian Dollars, including the shipping fees. Some Wands might be added over the weekend. Prices listed are the sale prices.