A tale of two woods..

As a Wandmaker, I often try to use a core group of woods above others for various reasons: availability, pricing, endangered or threatened species... among other reasons. Occasionally, its due to general belief that there should be highlighted woods in each elemental category (see the bottom of the into the woods page on the website) that are "go to" woods. In some situations, there are woods that border or sit on the threshold of two different types of personalities or wood properties... when using the Elemental model for Wand Wood classification. In my experience these woods tend to be very sought after as their dual nature creates a unique balance that is normally not found in a wood that

Iroko is back!

Iroko A tree that has numerous folk tales that are both ancient and new. Iroko originates from tropical African regions. It is a harder wood that can live into the area of 500 years old. It is sometimes known as African Teak. A common theme in many of the tales of this wood is just how supernatural its energy can be. Some contacts have placed it easily into the realm of African Blackwood, which is definitely saying something. Iroko is mainly associated with the element of Air but has a very strong secondary association with Water. If you look at the copy of my chart online, it would be furthest right, in the Air quadrant but near the Water line. The wood has a very strong, fierce, protecti

Storm Sale!

With this snow and cold outside the workshop, I’ve decided to scrape a little off the top for the Wands online. Sale is on until midnight tonight (et time). Some are reduced just a little more. Remember, prices are in Canadian dollars.

Production mode coming..

A few new Wands are now on the Market page. I’ll be settling into a show production mode this coming week. The first gathering of the year is coming up soon at Ottawa Geek Market in March. I’ll be picking up a few more types of wood to begin to replenish my selection.

The new Outlander

The new Outlander is online! One of the most sought after and asked for names returns. It’s also the first of the Realm Class which is new for 2019.


2019 has finally arrived! I wish you all a Happy New Calendar Year. My annual vacation of two- three days away from the workshop were spectacular. Now, the focus must be on setting up a new year of stock. I kept a very close eye during 2018 on stock at events and what styles were popular or caught eyes. I found that in many cases the hand carved, Descendant class wands (like in the Descendant Collection at the Canadian Museum of History), were sought after at that event and moved very quickly. During other events and gatherings during 2018, the style that appeared to win against most others were wands that had a simpler look in the sense that the handle was modest, the pommel tended to be a