A year to remember.. 2018

A 2018 review... Please continue to share and like the page. It really does help small business on Facebook, Instagram and the webpage. please take a moment to read.. 2018 was an absolutely amazing year. I want to thank each and every one of you for your support. You all help to make this business so enjoyable for me and I love hearing from you or seeing you at events. Here are some highlights and stats: - JUST under 600 unique Wands were created using over 60 different woods throughout the year. - Wands travelled to South America, Europe, the UK, Asia, Greenland, throughout the States and Canada. - Best selling international locations- California and the U.K. - Consultation

Christmas Eve Sale

Everything (or what is left of 2018 inventory) is now on sale. There are a few other Wands from the Museum event that will be added. Enjoy! And Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Peace to you!

On sale today!

The next Galadriel is on sale until tonight. There is also a little video of Wands that made waves during events and gatherings over the year on the Facebook page.

Happy Yule

I'll be taking a break over the next few days for Yule. I hope you spend time with your family and friends. Remember to bring the light inside and keep it there, invite your Ancestors to the table and cherish what is precious to you in this life. I'll be posting the next Galadriel at some point today on Facebook, Instagram and on the Market page. Not quite like the other, but will do the name proud. :)

A new Omen

Omen has become one of my own favourites over the last few years. A new version is now online, made of Shedua. A new Alchemy should also be posted soon.

What a great Gathering!

Thank you to everyone who came out to the Canadian Museum of History / Musée canadien de l’histoire the last four days for the Christmas Market! It was a truly amazing gathering and only a hand full of Wands are left. A special thank you to the organizers and people behind the scenes! I will be organizing myself over the next few days, so I apologize in advance if there is any delay in any communication. Some people were asking me to do a brief post similar to the "Meet the Maker" posts... so here goes... Although most messages i receive online are to Mr McCormick, my name is Brendan. I have been making wands in some way, shape or form for approx 30 years now. Even though I'm fairly new to