March Giveaway

The March Giveaway has begun over on the Facebook page. It’s a Walnut, half turned and half carved piece. Rules are posted there.

It's all about Class..

I’ve been procrastinating on this post... for the last few years believe it or not. I thought that since there are more newer folk to my craft, now is a good time to explain the classes of Wands that I carry. A lengthy read, I hope that this clarifies the way I do things. Hope you have a hot coffee this morning.. Apprentice class— more associated with the Element of Earth. The woods that I typically use in this category are those that can be more stabilizing and grounding, especially to those that are newer to the craft. Of course, there are many exceptions to a rule and you will find other woods in this category. However, Oak, Hickory, Maple and Cedar are woods that I would most usually car