From the Wand Shop....Here's looking at Yew.

There are many many stories about Yew. It's energy is a special one compared to other woods... actually I've used few others that share some of the same characteristics. One being African Blackwood. The wood has such a signature to it that difficult not to notice. I've had Yew in the past and recently was able to acquire just one other piece. It's a gorgeous wood really but I've spoken with some in the past that go to great lengths to avoid anything to do with it. I'm one with the belief that to understand balance, you need to understand both sides of the coin. Whether that be dark/light, positive/negative, diet coke/regular. You see, like Blackwood, Yew energy is neither here or there or at

From the Wand Shop--- Speaking of Oak..

With Ottawa Geek Market coming up at the end of september, I'll be focusing much of the stock on the Apprentice Class of wands. This normally varies with the type of woods and prices, however this year will feature more Oak than before. A few reasons for this----- As mentioned before, I acquired a large amount of old Oak flooring from an old home. Only about a quarter of the stock has actually been cut up for wand blanks so i have quite a bit left to use. The flooring was originally milled in Arkansas in the mid 1940's. I've tried to search online to find out exactly where the trees were cut down or to find out an estimated age of the wood when cut.. but that might be beyond Google. In any c

From the Wand Shop- Musings from a Master Wand Maker...

So i sat there the other day having a spirited conversation with my dog, my familiar... who was politely panting sitting there while i jabbered to myself. I was putting away wand blanks of various woods... Maple, Zebrawood, Amboyna Burl and thinking about how to use my website differently. I used to do woods of the month but have moved away from it recently. Not sure why. Instead, I've resorted to posting small snippets of information about the wood, using keywords. I like them actually. But something else was missing. So just then for whatever reason, i started thinking blog. So, i'm going to try a blog. Perhaps some days will be writing about a project, others about the woods i use. Some d